Daily Words of God: Judgment in the Last Days | Excerpt 95

October 10, 2020

My word is being implemented in every country, place, nation, and denomination, and it is being fulfilled in every corner at any given time. The disasters that occur everywhere are not battles between people, nor are they fights with weapons. Afterward, there will be no more wars. All are within My grasp. All will face My judgment and languish amidst disaster. Let those who resist Me, as well as those who do not take the initiative to cooperate with Me, suffer the pain of various disasters; let them weep and gnash their teeth into eternity, remaining in darkness forever. They will not survive. I act with straightforwardness and agility, and I give no consideration to how faithful you have been to Me in the past; as long as you resist Me, My hand of judgment will unleash swift wrath upon you, without any delay whatsoever—not even a second—and without a shred of mercy. I have been saying all along that I am the God who keeps His word. Every word I utter will be fulfilled, and I will make you see each of them. This is what is truly meant by entering reality in everything.

Great disasters will certainly not befall My sons, My loved ones; I will look after My sons at every moment and in every second. You definitely will not have to endure such pain and suffering. Instead, the point of it is to perfect My sons, and to fulfill My word in them. As a result, you may recognize My omnipotence, further grow in life, shoulder burdens for Me sooner, and devote your entire selves toward the completion of My management plan. You should rejoice with gladness and happiness because of this. I will hand over everything to you, allowing you to take control; I will place it in your hands. If it is true that a son inherits his father’s entire estate, then how much truer will this be for you, My firstborn sons? You are truly blessed. Rather than suffer from the great disasters, you will enjoy everlasting blessings. What glory! What glory!

Increase your pace, and follow My footsteps everywhere and at all times; do not fall behind. Let your hearts follow My heart, and let your minds follow My mind. Cooperate with Me and be as one in heart and mind. Eat with Me, live with Me, and enjoy with Me. Wonderful blessings are waiting for you to enjoy and to take. Such incomparable abundance exists within Me. Not even a little of it has been prepared for anyone else; I do this entirely for My sons.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh


Daily Words of God: Judgment in the Last Days | Excerpt 95 Daily Words of God: Judgment in the Last Days | Excerpt 95