The Way to Know God

The Six Junctures in a Human Life

Do you know the six junctures in human life? This concerns the mystery of how God rules over human fate and is inextricably linked to our attaining full salvation. So, how can we learn and accept the fact that God has sovereignty over human fate and pass through each of these six junctures successfully? This devotional plan for 11 days will help you find the answers.

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The Work and Words of the Lord Jesus

Everyone who reads the Bible has some understanding of the Lord Jesus’ work and words in the Age of Grace. However, do you know the Lord Jesus’ disposition and His will in everything He did? Our devotional plan will help you understand God’s wonderful intentions in His salvation of mankind and His love and care for mankind from the stories of the Lord Jesus recorded in the Bible, so that you will gain new knowledge of God’s disposition, God’s essence, and the true God Himself.

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God gave Abraham a son when he was one hundred years old and later God asked Abraham to offer up his son as a sacrifice, which is at odds with our notions and incomprehensible to us. So, what are God’s earnest intentions behind this? And how does this concern God’s management plan of saving mankind? Our devotional plan for 3 days will bring you to learn more.

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God’s Salvation of Nineveh

Due to the Ninevites’ evil deeds, God hated and detested them and thus planned to destroy them. But later, because of their sincere repentance and sincere belief in God, they won God’s mercy—God decided not to bring catastrophe upon them. God went from expressing His anger to calming His anger. From this, what is there for us to learn about in terms of God’s disposition? Our devotional plan has the answers.

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How God Rules and Administers the Spiritual World

Do you know what the spirit world is? How does God rule and administer the spiritual world? How do all kinds of people pass through the cycle of death and rebirth under God’s administration? This devotional plan will guide you to understand mysteries that no one has understood for the last 6,000 years—the mysteries of the spiritual world. Then you can know about God’s authority and His wisdom and omnipotence from the fact that God rules and manages the spiritual world!

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Faith and Life

The Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven

Welcoming the Lord’s Appearance—The Anticipation

Today, disasters occur frequently. The signs of the Lord’s return have appeared. So, do you know how the Lord appears to work in the last days? How should we watch and wait so as to welcome the Lord’s return? What religious notions and issues must we resolve in welcoming Him? Our devotional plan for 11 days will give you the answers and help you welcome the Lord’s return soon and realize your long-cherished hope.

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Discerning the True Christ and False Christs and Welcoming the Lord’s Return

Lord Jesus prophesied when He returns in the last days, there would be false Christs and false prophets appearing to deceive God’s chosen people. Based on this, many people close their door and wait alone for fear of being deceived—they do not dare to seek and investigate God’s appearance and work in the last days when hearing someone testify the Lord has returned. Isn’t this starving themselves for fear of choking? Can they welcome the Lord’s return? Then how can you discern the true Christ from false Christs, avoid being deceived, and welcome the Lord? This devotional plan for 4 days will help you.

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How the Lord Appears Upon His Return

Today, disasters are seen everywhere. The prophecies of the Lord’s return have come true. Many people are testifying that the Lord has returned. Some people may wonder, “The Lord has returned? If so, why haven’t we seen Him coming with clouds?” In fact, as prophesied in the Bible, the Lord will come in secret before disasters to make overcomers and then appear openly to reward the good and punish the evil after the disasters. So, how can you welcome Him while He is here in secret so that you will not plunge into disasters and be punished? This devotional plan for 3 days will be of great help to you.

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The Savior Has Returned

The Bible prophesies that the Lord Jesus will come before the disasters. Now, disasters are striking one after another. The Lord Jesus has already returned. He has expressed the truths to do the work of judgment beginning with the house of God and come to completely cleanse and save mankind and bring mankind into a beautiful destination. The Lord is knocking. So, how can you be a wise virgin who listens to God’s voice and welcomes Him? Our devotional plan for 8 days will show you the way.

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