Daily Words of God: God’s Appearance and Work | Excerpt 58

October 8, 2020

That My mysteries are revealed and openly manifest, and no longer hidden, is entirely due to My grace and mercy. Moreover, that My word appears among men, and is no longer concealed, is also due to My grace and mercy. I love all who sincerely expend themselves for Me and devote themselves to Me. I hate all who are born of Me yet who do not know Me, and even resist Me. I will not abandon anyone who is sincerely for Me; rather, I will double that person’s blessings. I will doubly punish those who are ungrateful and violate My kindness, and I will not let them off easily. In My kingdom there is no crookedness or deceit, and no worldliness; that is, there is no smell of the dead. Rather, all is rectitude and righteousness; all is purity and openness, with nothing hidden or concealed. Everything is fresh, everything is enjoyment, and everything is edification. Anyone who still reeks of the dead can in no way remain in My kingdom, and will instead be ruled by My iron rod. All endless mysteries, from time immemorial to the present day, are fully revealed to you—the group of people who are gained by Me in the last days. Do you not feel blessed? The days when all is openly revealed are, moreover, the days in which you share My reign.

The group of people who truly reign as kings depend upon My predestination and selection, and there is absolutely no human will within it. Anyone daring to take part in this must suffer a blow from My hand, and such people will be objects of My raging fire; this is another side of My righteousness and majesty. I have said that I rule all things, I am the wise God who wields full authority, and I am lenient to no one; I am utterly ruthless, completely devoid of personal feelings. I treat anyone (no matter how well he speaks, I will not let him off) with My righteousness, rectitude, and majesty, meanwhile enabling everyone to better see the wonder of My deeds, as well as what My deeds mean. One by one, I punished evil spirits for all manner of actions they commit, casting them each into the bottomless pit. This work I finished before time began, leaving them with no position, leaving them no place to do their work. None of My chosen people—those predestined and selected by Me—can ever be possessed by evil spirits, and will instead always be holy. As for those I have not predestined and selected, I will turn them over to Satan, and no longer allow them to remain. In all aspects, My administrative decrees involve My righteousness and My majesty. I will not let go of even a single one of those on whom Satan works, but cast them along with their bodies into Hades, for I hate Satan. I shall by no means spare it easily, but shall utterly destroy it, allowing it not the least opportunity to do its work. Those whom Satan has corrupted to a certain degree (that is, those who are objects of disaster) are under the wise arrangement of My own hand. Do not think this has happened as a result of Satan’s ferocity; know that I am Almighty God that rules the universe and all things! For Me, there are no problems that cannot be resolved, and much less is there anything that cannot be accomplished or any word that cannot be uttered. Humans must not act as My advisers. Beware of being struck down by My hand and cast into Hades. I tell you this! Those who are proactively cooperating with Me today are the smartest ones, and they will avoid losses and escape the pain of judgment. All of these are My arrangements, predestined by Me. Make no indiscreet remarks and do not speak bombastically, thinking you are so great. Is all of this not through My predestination? You, who would be My advisers, know no shame! You know not your own stature; how pathetically small it is! Even so, you think this is no great matter, and do not know yourselves. Time after time, you turn a deaf ear to My words, causing My painstaking efforts to be in vain and not at all realizing that they are manifestations of My grace and mercy. Rather, you try to show off your own cleverness again and again. Do you remember this? What chastisement must people receive, who think they are so smart? Indifferent and unfaithful to My words, and not engraving them in your hearts, you use Me as a pretense to do this and that. Evildoers! When will you be able to fully consider My heart? You have no consideration for it, so calling you “evildoers” is not a mistreatment of you. It fits you perfectly!

Today I am showing you, one by one, things that were once hidden. The great red dragon is cast into the bottomless pit and utterly destroyed, for keeping it would be of no use at all; this means it cannot do service for Christ. Hereafter, red things will no longer exist; gradually, they must waste away to nothing. I do what I say; this is the completion of My work. Remove human notions; everything I have said, I have done. Whoever tries to be clever is just bringing destruction and contempt upon themselves, and does not want to live. Therefore, I will satisfy you, and will definitely not keep such people. Hereafter, the population will increase in excellence, whereas all who do not proactively cooperate with Me will be swept away into nothingness. Those of whom I have approved are the ones I shall perfect, and I shall not cast away a single one. There are no contradictions in what I say. Those who do not proactively cooperate with Me will suffer more chastisement, although, ultimately, I will surely save them. By that time, however, the extent of their lives will be quite different. Do you want to be such a person? Rise up and cooperate with Me! I certainly will not treat shabbily any who sincerely expend themselves for Me. As for those who devote themselves to Me in earnest, I shall bestow all My blessings upon you. Offer up yourself entirely to Me! What you eat, what you wear, and your future are all in My hands; I will arrange everything properly, so that you can have endless enjoyment, which you will never use up. This is because I have said, “To those who sincerely expend for Me, I shall surely bless you greatly.” All blessings will come to every person who sincerely expends himself for Me.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh


Daily Words of God: God’s Appearance and Work | Excerpt 58 Daily Words of God: God’s Appearance and Work | Excerpt 58