How to Establish a Proper Relationship With God (III)

October 28, 2020

Relevant Words of God:

In believing in God, your intentions and viewpoints must be put right; you must have a correct understanding and correct treatment of the words of God, God’s work, the environments arranged by God, the man testified by God, and of the practical God. You must not practice according to your personal thoughts, or make your own little plans. You must be able to seek truth in everything and stand in your place as a creation of God and submit to all of God’s work. If you want to pursue being perfected by God and enter into the right track of life, then your heart must always live in God’s presence, not be dissolute, not follow Satan, not leave Satan any opportunities to do its work, and not let Satan use you. You must completely give yourself to God and let God rule over you.

… In your daily life, you must grasp those words you say and those things you do that will cause your relationship with God to be abnormal, then rectify yourself and enter into the correct manner. Examine your words, your actions, your each and every move, and your thoughts and ideas at all times. Grasp your true state and enter into the way of the work of the Holy Spirit. Only in this way can you have a normal relationship with God. …

… No matter what you do, consider: What will God think if I do this? Will it benefit the brothers and sisters? Will it be beneficial to the work of God’s house? Examine your intentions in your prayer, fellowship, speech, work, and contact with people, and examine whether your relationship with God is normal or not. If you are unable to distinguish your intentions and thoughts, then you have no discrimination, which proves that you understand too little about truth. If you are able to have a clear understanding of everything that God does, see things according to God’s word and see things by standing on the side of God, then your viewpoints will be correct. Therefore, to build a good relationship with God is a top priority for anyone believing in God; everyone should treat it as the most important task and as their major life event. Everything you do should be weighed against whether or not you have a normal relationship with God.

from “How Is Your Relationship With God?” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Over the course of a day, how many hours do you spend truly in front of God? How much of your day is given to God? How much is given to the flesh? Having one’s heart always oriented toward God is the first step on the right track toward being perfected by God. You can devote your heart and body and all of your genuine love to God, place them before Him, be completely obedient toward Him, and be absolutely considerate to His will. Not for the flesh, not for family, and not for your personal desires, but for the interests of God’s household. In everything you can take God’s word as the principle, as the foundation. That way, your intentions and your perspectives will all be in the right place, and you will be someone who gains God’s praise before Him.

from “People Who Can Be Absolutely Obedient Toward God’s Practicality Are Those Who Truly Love God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Today, you must set on the right track since you believe in the practical God. Having faith in God, you should not solely seek blessings, but seek to love God and know God. Through His enlightenment and your own pursuit, you can eat and drink His word, develop a true understanding of God, and have a true love of God that comes from your heart. In other words, your love for God is most genuine, such that none can destroy or stand in the way of your love for Him. Then you are on the right track of faith in God. It proves that you belong to God, for your heart has been taken possession of by God and you can then be possessed by nothing else. Owing to your experience, the price you paid, and the work of God, you are able to develop an unbidden love for God. Then you are freed from the influence of Satan and live in the light of God’s word. Only when you have broken free from the influence of darkness can you be deemed to have gained God. In your belief of God, you must seek this goal. This is the duty of each of you.

from “You Ought to Live for the Truth Since You Believe in God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Relevant Fellowship:

When one lives in the correct states, is their relationship with God normal or abnormal? Perfectly normal. As their relationship with God is normal, they can normally practice loving God, obeying God, fulfilling their duties faithfully, praying to and communing with God, and worshiping God. No matter what happens to them, they will naturally pray to God with sincerity, learn to be considerate of God’s will, and choose to satisfy God. Hence, this kind of person is someone who has been gained by God. A person who has been gained by God is dominated by the word of God. The word of God is everything to them and has become their life. The word of God is their basis for living. Therefore, God’s words are completely fulfilled in them. God’s words have become their basis for living, become their life, and become what they have and are. Accordingly, they live under the guidance of God’s words. They are guided by and dominated by God’s words. Such a person is undoubtedly someone who has lived out God’s words and lives by God’s words. They are someone who has broken free from the influence of Satan, someone who has been gained by God. They are someone who has been perfected by God and lives in the light.

from “Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word ‘Escape From the Influence of Darkness and You Will Be Gained by God’” in Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life IV